Ticket purchase by card

Cashless means of payment


PDM with electric power supply terminal

Parking and Purchasing energy in combination.


TicketLine Barrier

Combination with a barrier


Fair Park

Fair-street parking by exact billing based on actual parking time.


TicketLine FairPark

Refund of fees for unused parking time.



Cashless payment

In addition to the payment of parking fees with cash WSA electronic also offers cashless payment options. All these options have a number of advantages for both the operator and for the user:

  • Reducing the cash collection cost
  • Possibility to use the Ticketline Fairpark®-function and the individual choice of the park duration also leads to increased acceptance of parking fees
  • Usability of the ticket machines even with probable failure of the cash acceptance

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Pay&Display ticket machine with power supply terminal

The combination of a TicketLine Pay&Display machine with a power supply terminal allows – in addition to ticket sales – the provision of counted electric energy, eg in Caravan parkings.

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Pay&Display ticket machine with barrier

The “TicketLine Barrier” system uses a short TicketLine pay&display machine in combination with any barrier system. With this solution, the automatic parking fee collection for closed parking areas could be managed.

  • Control of the entitled entrances or exits on regulated parking areas
  • Low investment cost and operating expenses
  • Combinable functionality, e.g. for local resident and visitor cards

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Fair Parking with “Money back guarantee”

Fair street parking by exact billing based on actual parking time when paying by card or other cashless means of payment.

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