WSA electronic


The use of high quality materials and manufacturing processes is part of our philosophy since the beginning, and grants a long lifetime of our pay&display ticket machines. The modularity in equipment and components makes it possible to work economically away with our equipment for many years. New technologies can be implemented without having to replace the entire unit.

We never use non-environmentally friendly disposable components.
If ever one of the devices must be replaced, the recyclability of our machines is on a very high level.

Our customers’  interest in protecting the climate continues to increase. The use of renewable energy sources are a major focus for us. Our pay&display ticket machines can be defined in many different functions as solar devices. We can offer both integrated and external solar installations for supplying power to the machines.

By very short supply chains and the primary use of regional suppliers, we keep transport routes low and thus achieve environmental and economic benefits.

Pay&Display ticket machines of WSA electronic – economical, reasonable and saving resources.