WSA FairPark

TicketLine FairPark®
State of the art fee management for cashless parking
Fair Parking with “Money back guarantee”

TicketLine FairPark® is the further development of cashless payment to TicketLine Pay&Diplay ticket machines with the additional possibility to refund the fee for unused parking time. It is the logical consequence of the strive to constantly improvement of the user friendliness.
When using TicketLine FairPark®, the user is no longer bound to the initially selected parking duration, but can terminate the parking process before the end of the parking time. The user will not be charged for the unused parking time.
The use of the FairPark® requires payments with credit cards or other cashless means of payment.
Experiences with FairPark® since 2003 in Norway show, that strong interest and active use exist once the users have been informed about the new features.

Advantages for the operator
This principle is only apparently contrary to the interests of the parking operator.

  • To „return“ too much purchased parking time leads to a more generous payment behavior of the user.
  • The resulting new flexibility leads to a higher acceptance of parking management measures and finally to higher revenues for the operator.
  • Due to the exclusively cashless use of TicketLine FairPark® , the amount of cash in the PDMs is reduced, as well as the cost for cash collection and the risk of intrusion attempts.
  • The use of latest technology in parking management shows the effort of the operator to offer the users the best possible service.

Advantages for the user
TicketLine FairPark® introduces a new level of flexibility in on-street parking for the users.

  • Problems with unsuitable or insufficient change a thing of the past.
  • Premature termination of the parking possible at each parking ticket machine.
  • Additional comfort results from the possibility to check-out at any TicketLine PDM, which saves time. The alternatives to the standard check-out via sms or phone call make it possible to use the advantages of TicketLine FairPark® also after leaving the parking space.
  • Exact calculation of the actual parking time.
  • The unused parking time is not charged to the user.