Ticket Line Caravan system
Prepaid consumption-dependent power supply

The combination of a TicketLine Pay&Display machine with a power supply terminal allows – in addition to ticket sales – the provision of counted electric energy, eg in Caravan parkings.


  • Controlled delivery of electricity anytime
  • The system consists of a mains powered TicketLine machine and one or two separate power supply terminals with max. 8-ports
  • Combination of providing electric power with the sale of parking tickets
  • Parallel to the energy charges also the payment of camp site or parking fees is possible
  • Controlling of the operation of the power supply terminals through the PDM
  • Only cash collection and refill of ticket paper needs to be done by personnel
  • Flexible pricing, adaptation to the individual needs of each use


  • Selecting a free port in the user menu of the parking ticket machine
  • With the payment (cash or by card) the desired amount of energy is set in KWh
  • Confirmation completes the purchase process
  • Activation of the selected port and monitoring of energy consumption
  • User can add anytime more energy


  • Visitors of camping – caravan sites can purchase electric energy any time, also without constant human supervision

  • The Ticketline Caravan system runs automatically, therefore no additional staff for the provision and billing of electric energy is required.

  • In contrast to energy supply solutions to standard accounting basis, the user of the TicketLine Caravan system only pay for the actual energy consumption.