PSA mit Schranke

TicketLine barrier solution
Pay&Display ticket machine with barrier

The “TicketLine Barrier” system uses a short TicketLine pay&display machine in combination with any barrier system. With this solution, the automatic parking fee collection for closed parking areas could be managed and there is no need for investment in cost-intensive pay-on-foot stations.

  • Control of the entitled entrances or exits on regulated parking areas.
  • Low investment cost and operating expenses.
  • Combinable functionality, e.g., for local resident and visitor cards, free parking or more favourable rates for own customers, discounts for partner institutes and standard rates for external users.
  • Optional integration of many operating elements, e.g. card reader, license plate recognition, card reader RFID.
  • The car licence plate recognition is the economic solution for the entrance control with barriers.
  • Connection of the TicketLine barrier system to the backoffice management system TicketLine ParkingOffice®.

Features of the central software

  • Personalised access for every user (operator, administrator, management) with user rights management
  • Easy operation with understandable interface for the user.
  • Admin function for the project manager.
  • Message forwarding by e-mail.
  • Reports/lists of cars located in the park area, different possible criteria.
  • Different operation languages.

The system is designed for the controlled entrance to a parking lot.
Areas of application are car parks and business centers, companies, banks and financial institutions, but also markets and commercial centers.
The main element of the system is the pay&display machine TicketLine 7, which manages the payment and the control of the barrier.

TicketLine ParkingOffice® could manage the supervision and control of the system. It is installed on a central server. The communication between PDM and TicketLine ParkingOffice® works with GPRS connection. Operators can access the system and his relevant data with any PC via Internet using his login and password.