WSA Bargeldlose Zahlung

Cashless payment

In addition to the payment of parking fees with cash WSA electronic also offers cashless payment options.

  • Credit cards, Debit cards, GiroCard
  • Value Cards TicketLine MultiCard
  • contactless cards (GiroGo, PayPass, PayWave)

All these options have a number of advantages for both the operator and for the user:

  • High distribution of Girocard (formerly ec card) in Germany
  • Strong use of credit cards by European and international users
  • Possibility to use the Ticketline Fairpark®-function and the individual choice of the park duration also leads to increased acceptance of parking fees
  • Usability of the ticket machines even with probable failure of the cash acceptance
  • Reducing the cash collection cost

When paying by card the admissibility of the cards will be checked by the PDM on the basis of several safety features, e.g. verified against a blacklist, or online.

Corresponding cashless payment options can be retrofitted in already installed Ticketline parking ticket machines.